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I can't believe you're here!

While I am so excited to see you, first I need to get to know your hair better. Before anything else, please fill out the new client form linked beside. This will help me get a better idea of what to expect before your first appointment. If there are any extra questions I'll reach out and feel free to reach out as well. I can't wait to see you!

I filled out the client form, what's next?

What is the next step to making an appointment

Filling out the form will help both of us be on the same page and understand each others goals. After filling out the form you can go to book online. I offer several service packages that you can view on my service menu. Upon arrival please check in at the front desk and tell them you're here for Kaitlyn Preston. Once inside the suite, we will have a thorough consultation to make sure we understand the goals for this appointment and long term. We will discuss a plan to ensure your hair stays healthy as well as how  to keep your color as fresh as possible at home.  Remember at home maintenance is key to helping you get your dream hair! ​


I'd like to remind you that prices for time blocks are just the starting prices and can go up depending on the hair length, thickness, and the desired look. Some goal looks might also demand multiple sessions. I will always be upfront about prices and goals as well as any other options involving your hair. Keeping your hair strong and healthy is my number one priority. Now I can't wait to meet you!  For any other questions click below or feel free to contact me!​ 

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